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d5c3f jwaaaradu Interview with Suzie Cool - Rochester Amerks New In-Arena Host

Interview with Suzie Cool – Rochester Amerks New In-Arena Host

Image from Tim Cammett from Getty Images When I began my interview with Suzie I had one rule for myself, do not make any puns surrounding her last name! If you think you have a new, clever pun for Suzie Cool I assume she's heard it before and while Suzie Coolaid or Suzie Coolikov are ...

prospect pyramid 2019 Buffalo Sabres Prospect Pyramid

2019 Buffalo Sabres Prospect Pyramid

If you're not familiar with this style of ranking, Steve Dangle of SportsNet came up with this concept a few years back where as opposed to straight up ranking players, you place them in tiers. I like the idea so over the past few years I've put out my own pyramid for Buffalo's prospects. So ...

victorolofssonswedenvusawhiteg0ghuqugq vl Victor Olofsson's game should translate well to the NHL

Victor Olofsson’s game should translate well to the NHL

Victor Olofsson has been generating buzz for the last two seasons. Olofsson lit up the Swedish Elite League (SHL) in 2016-17, and has continued his success in with the Rochester Americans (AHL) this year. He currently has 60 points in 64 games (Tied for 5th), and 27 goals (Tied for 6th) and is the driving ...

leier TCB Interview: Taylor Leier

TCB Interview: Taylor Leier

This past week, I had the chance to sit down and pick the brain of recently acquired left-winger Taylor Leier, and discuss several aspects of his career, personal life, and hockey in general. You couldn't have asked for a nicer guy to talk hockey with, and the crew here at TCB are beyond thankful for ...

dj e1535733298499 Ask TCB: D.J. Mitchell

Ask TCB: D.J. Mitchell

While The Charging Buffalo has been feeding a hockey crazed community insight on the Sabres, I wanted to take a step back and let our readers get to know The Charging Buffalo team. From now until the start of the season, I'll be sitting down with different contributors for TCB to ask them a variety ...

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