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World Junior Championship 2021 Preview

2021 World Juniors The 2021 World Junior Championship is slated to begin on Christmas Day and will garner the attention of the hockey world as the NHL prepares to begin its season. Recent positive tests on both Sweden and Germany have made some question whether or not the tournament should be played at all but ...

World Junior Championship 2020 Preview

My Story: The World Junior Tournament is one of my favorite hockey events of the entire year.  There is so much pride that these kids are playing for and it shows in the efforts they give on the ice, especially when rival opponents are up against each other.  Participating in this tournament is a sign ...

2020 NHL Draft Rankings – October Edition

Our prospect team compiled their preliminary rankings for the 2020 NHL Draft. As we get closer, the rankings will get longer and more in-depth. Follow the links below to each contributor's ranking: Joe: https://thechargingbuffalo.net/2019/10/30/october-2020-nhl-draft-rankings/ Curtis: https://thechargingbuffalo.net/2019/10/30/october-2020-nhl-draft-rankings-curtistcb716/ Austin: https://thechargingbuffalo.net/2019/10/30/october-rankings-for-the-2020-nhl-draft/