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prospect notebook 202122 Sabres Prospect Notebook 10/18/2021

Sabres Prospect Notebook 10/18/2021

Welcome back to the Sabres Prospect Notebook for the 2021-22 season. For those familiar with this column, the intent is to provide updates on Sabres prospects over a 2 week period and highlight those that had noteworthy performances. For this first article only, the stats/highlights are from the past week only but going forward these ...

October rankings TCB 2022 NHL Draft Rankings - October

TCB 2022 NHL Draft Rankings – October

It's only been a few months since the completion of the 2021 NHL Draft but the time has come to start focusing on the upcoming draft in July of 2022. Being touted as a very strong class dating back to last season, the 2022 draft is very deep with high end talent. With the Sabres ...

part dos 2021 Sabres Draft Recap: Part 2

2021 Sabres Draft Recap: Part 2

Continuing with Part 2 of the Sabres Draft Recap article, this section looks at the final six draftees. As was the case with Part 1, I give insight on what type of player each is, what they do well, where they need improvement, and what they ultimately project to be in the NHL. In case ...

draft 2021 Sabres Draft Recap: Part 1

2021 Sabres Draft Recap: Part 1

The Sabres wrapped up their 2021 Draft with 11 total selections, using every single one that they came into the draft with and only adding one via the Ristolainen trade. With seven picks in the Top 100, Kevyn Adams and his scouting staff showed a seemingly new drafting philosophy that was a stark difference from ...

eklund deep dive 1 William Eklund: 2021 NHL Draft Deep Dive

William Eklund: 2021 NHL Draft Deep Dive

While Owen Power is getting all of the hype as the sure fire 1st overall pick in the 2021 NHL Draft, Swedish forward William Eklund warrants serious consideration as the top prospect in this class. Speed, creativity, transition, offense, high compete, hockey IQ, whatever the trait, Eklund has it. When Eklund's game is dissected, it's ...

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