Advanced Stats

For anyone interested, this page will allow fans to access some advanced statistics for the Sabres.

Austin (@austin_broad) launched this project in January of 2019, it will involve him live tracking Sabres games and compiling data into one spreadsheet for fans to view.

Data will only be representative of 5v5 play during Buffalo Sabres games.

We are going to focus on a few stats for the purposes of this site:

Controlled breakouts (breakouts that occur from a player successfully skating the puck or completing a pass out of the defensive zone)

Dump-Outs (breakouts that occur when a Sabre clears the puck out of the zone without the team retaining possession)

Failed Breakouts (when a attempted breakout results in a turnover inside the Sabres zone or right outside the Sabres blue line)

Breakout Rate (%) (the rate at which the player exits the defensive zone successful -{successful breakouts divided by total breakout attempts})

Controlled zone entries (entries that occur from a player successfully skating the puck or completing a pass across the opposing teams blueline)

Dump-Ins (entries that occur when a Sabre dumps the puck into the opposing team’s defensive zone)

Entry Rate (%) (rate at which the player enters the zone successfully – {controlled entries divided by total entry attempts})

Defence Only

Entries Allowed (any time an opposing player enters the Sabres’ zone successfully against a certain defenceman)

Zone Denials (any time a Sabres defenceman forces an opposing player to dump the puck in OR any time a Sabres defenceman causes an opposing player to turn the puck over at/just inside the Sabres’ blue line)

Advanced Stats

Sabres Individual Game Reports (2018-19)

Sabres Individual Game Reports (2019-20)

Summary Data of Games Tracked (2019-20)

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