Mittelstadt Series – Shot

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In the “shot” category I’ll be taking a look at a couple different things that construct Mittelstadt’s elite shooting ability:

  • Release
  • Ability to attack and shoot through traffic

Shooting through Traffic

Mittelstadt’s ability to attack opposing defensemen and get a dangerous shot off through traffic is one of his most pro-ready traits. Getting shots through to the net in the NHL is something that separates some of the elite from the average players. Auston Matthews and Patrick Kane are two in particular who often use similar tactics to attack the middle of the ice and shoot through defensemen.


Mittelstadt is often able to catch goalies off-guard shooting through defensemen as screens. This ability coupled with his lightning-quick release make for a dangerous shot, despite not being that powerful yet. When he does get more power behind his shot, and improves his one-timer, Mittelstadt could find himself around the 30-35 goal mark in the NHL.

I like this quote from NHL Draft Analyst, Steve Kournianos

“This is the problem Mittelstadt creates for defenses — stand up at the line, and he’ll break your ankles. Back in too much and he wires it.”

Attacking the Defense

Mittelstadt came into the zone with a ton of speed. Instead of shying away and curling wide or stopping up, Mittelstadt attacks the defense and skates right at them, positioning himself in the slot. He uses a nice curl-and-drag move to shoot through the defenseman’s triangle and get a shot on net followed up by a rebound — really impressive at top speed.

rush vs psu with shot.gif

toe drag shot off rush vs psu.gif

Cut to Middle, Shot through Screen

Mittelstadt once again attacks the middle of the ice and puts himself in a scoring area. He can shoot through the defense and get a prime scoring opportunity without needing to even beat the defenseman.

stop and pop vs psu .gif

Toe Drag Snipe through Screen

Mittelstadt once again shows his ability to curl, drag, and release a good shot through a defender at top speed.


curl and drag vs harvard up close.gif

Toe Drag Snipe – The Sequel

Once again displaying world class ability to drag-and-shoot in one motion, this time around a sprawling penalty killer. Mittelstadt practically side-stepped the entire play and was able to smoke one past the goalie clean on the short-side. Elite stuff.

curl and drag vs psu .gif

Spinning Shot Off Defenseman

This is a play that will be found in every section of this series as Mittelstadt shows off his transition, passing, and shooting ability all on one rush. He uses his body position to keep the forward shadowing him to his back the entire time, followed up by a quick shot from the hashmarks with a clear lane to the net.



Like other 2019 Calder hopeful Elias Pettersson, adding muscle is at the top of the priority list as these young players look to make an impact in the NHL right away. Mittelstadt’s shot power is something that will increase at the same pace as his muscle mass, but his elite release is what allows him to still score high-level goals from varying distance

Quick Snapshot

Just a nasty goal here from Mittelstadt. His release is really deceptive in the case that you rarely can tell if he’s going to pass or shoot — especially from his office there at the bottom of the right circle where he has plenty of highlights in the playmaking section. He doesn’t drag the puck at all and looks off the shot until the last second, forcing the goalie to think about the pass.

nip top right psu goalline.gif

Short-side snipe — quick catch and release

Mittelstadt realizes the goalie is going to slide over once he receives the pass. He uses his quick release to beat the goalie clean and pick the top left corner before he can get back over.

quick release snipe vs msu 2.gif  catch and release.gif

Back-side Snipe — patient catch and release

Similar to the play above, Mittelstadt catches another pass in the slot – this time, instead of getting off a quick release and beating the goalie on the short-side, he waits for the goalie to over-commit on his push, and then fires a bullet to the back-side.

snipe vs wisco.gif

Quick Release

In this non-traditional 2-on-0 scenario coming off of a touch pass rather than an odd-man-rush, Mittelstadt uses a quick release to fling the puck into the net all-in-one motion coming out of his turn. He was composed enough to make sure to put the puck on the short-side, avoiding a desperation save had he shot it to the left-side.

goal vs finland.gif


quick release all in one motion.gif

snipe shortside vs psu.gif

one tap upstairs.gif

backhand deflection updatirs.gif

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