Casey Mittelstadt Da Beauty League Highlights 7/25/18

photo via Da Beauty League

I decided to check out Casey Mittelstadt’s game in “Da Beauty League” tonight — so I figured I might as well just grab some highlights to post since there’s nothing else really going on in hockey right now. I remind you this is just a summer league so the clips don’t correlate much to NHL success, but there are some other well respected NHLers playing in this league and it’s fun to watch. The 4v4 format allows the players to really show off their skill even if they’re not trying too hard, and you can get a glimpse of some of the talent a guy like Mittelstadt brings to the NHL.

Play 1

Nice Datsyuk-esque move on Sabres teammate Casey Nelson.

datsyuk move

Play 2

Hands/shiftiness. Looks like Patrick Kane.


Play 3

Just a sneaky pass to the slot for a deflection.

nifty pass

Play 4

More hands/shiftiness. Reminds me again of Patrick Kane and Mitch Marner.


Play 5

Solid puck protection against someone much bigger, spinning off of him and getting a pass to the slot for a scoring chance.

puck protect

Play 6

Nifty one-handed poke.

nifty poke

Play 7

Backhand sauce.

backhand sauce

Hit me up on twitter and let me know if you want me to compile more  highlight blogs for Da Beauty League games. These plays don’t mean much — but some of the stuff is fun to watch at a time where there’s really nothing going on. The league’s setup of 4v4 really allows for a skilled player like Casey Mittelstadt to show off despite not even going 100%.


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