Dahlin Draws Big Crowd at Combine but Basks in the Spotlight

Rasmus Dahlin completed the second portion of his three tail week at the NHL combine today after interviewing with ten NHL teams on Wednesday, and then facing the media this afternoon in what will soon be his new home – although, if you ask the Super Swede himself, he’ll tell you nothing’s set in stone just yet. “We’ll wait to see until the draft, but if I come here I’d love to be here. I’ve heard great fans and everyone loves hockey here. Buffalo seems like a great city.”

There were layers of camera people surrounding, almost smothering, Rasmus Dahlin, as he took questions from the media today at Harborcenter, some gathering more than twenty minutes before Dahlin even arrived for the Q&A. Dahlin’s been around the media a lot already in his young career but noted the crowd at the combine was “The first time there’s been so many cameras,” yet the eighteen year old doesn’t take it as added pressure, Dahlin said he finds being in the spotlight fun.

Fun pretty much describes Rasmus Dahlin’s play-style to a tee and that’s what he loves about hockey. He started hockey as a center because he enjoys the creativity and dangles that forwards use, and now uses those tools to bring offense from the back-end, similar to Sabres Head Coach, Phil Housley during his historic playing career.

When asked about what he knows about Housley, Dahlin responded, “I saw a clip yesterday, I saw some moves he did, it was pretty awesome to see. Skilled player.”

Dahlin will likely be the first Sabre since Phil Housley in 1982 to play a full NHL season straight out of the draft. Dahlin noted his shot, strength, and defensive game as points of emphasis on what he’d like to improve this offseason, but feels he’s ready for the NHL, “My season went so good and I learned many things, I think I’m ready right now to play in the NHL. We will see what the team who picks me says, but it’s exciting waiting to see.”

Dahlin will play in the NHL next season and will be a prime piece in reconstructing the Sabres to relevancy. Mike Harrington put it bluntly, simply asking Dahlin how much he hates to lose – Dahlin, seemingly always with the proper answer fired back, “Very much, actually” with a smirk. “I’m a player that wants to win and hates to lose and I think I can bring myself and my competitiveness to a team.”

Dahlin will part take in his physical testing Saturday June 2nd, at 9:30 AM. If you’re reading this after then and you enjoyed make sure to check for more coverage of Dahlin and the NHL Combine.

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