A New Chapter

Hello, Welcome to The Charging Buffalo, which is the new name and website for our formally known Buffalo Sabres centered blog and online brand known as “Sabres Fanatics.”

You’re probably wondering what the cause was for the change of our branding and a revamp of our website just one year after launch, so that’s what this post is for. Providing some background information for those who are interested and to give a quick overview of what’s changing and new things to look out for.

So starting with the name, which originally was Sabres Fanatics after taking over the blog as the expansion to the widely popular Buffalo Bills centered blog formally known as “Bills Fanatics.” Long story short, due to some trademark issues the name of that alias had to be changed and shortly after, our Sabres branch ran into some problems of our own. Due to some complications with some technical stuff you probably don’t care about, we lost the domain sabresfanatics(dot)com and the chances of getting it back were very slim. This left me thinking about where the direction of our blog should go.

The name of the blog was simple enough, Sabres Fanatics, yet when reminiscing on the name I wasn’t a fan of either word that made up the brand for different reasons. I didn’t want to leave “Sabres” in there in the case we ran into the same trademark issues as the Bills side of things did, and if we were going to need to change the name after the domain problem it was better to remove it before it became an issue. I wanted to remove “Fanatics” as well because although we are no professional published news outlet and to this point have made no profit, as we take the steps necessary in growing our brand and wanting to be taken seriously in the sports media space, any variation of the word “fan” in your name just doesn’t cut it. Although in probably every case where a blog is formed the foundation for the creators and the contributors is starting as a fan, just being a fan isn’t any source of credibility. Over the first year of our launch, although a small group, we were all extremely motivated and if it was possible to go back and read some of the conversations had, anyone could see we all truly wanted nothing more than to provide the best content possible on every platform. This brand being a passion project for everyone from the founder to every last contributor, the only motivation factor in our work was to be the best and to produce great content. There was a certain point where we paid a pretty hefty price out of pocket to gain access to games for a prospect no one else in Sabres media was covering but fans were absolutely loving the content. We had probably our best numbers in terms of social media engagement and our content being shared everywhere, but when talked about we were multiple times just cited as “some fan account.” I’m sure it sounds dumb to care about that title but as a brand putting in loads of time to produce content nobody else was, even the big name media outlets, and paying money out of pocket to be unique, you’d expect a little more respect and credibility. We’ve gone out of our way to dedicate hours into writing, graphic design, etc just to set ourselves apart from everyone else and provide content that people enjoy but don’t get anywhere else. Like I said, this whole project and brand was formed off passion so it’s not a huge deal, but each and every one of us wanted some sort of credibility after all the time and effort and want to be known as more than a fan account. We’ve only covered the tip of the iceberg in terms of where we want to take this and removing the word fan/fanatics from the name felt necessary.

To be completely honest I wish there was a cooler meaning or backstory to “The Charging Buffalo” other than the fact that it felt clean, modern, and is named after the core piece of the logo for the team we cover. Hopefully everyone enjoys it though.


Over the past month or so our small staff found itself unmotivated, slacking due mostly to everyone being very busy with things like finishing up the semester at college and looking for some change. The Sabres came out of the gate with a truly indescribable amount of disappointment compared to expectations and our content for a short period was reflecting the team’s play on the ice. Hours and hours were spent preparing graphics and creating new content for our social accounts and the site and when the team started so bad it was just very de-motivating  Now with the branding change and revamped site the motivation is back and we’re looking forward to heading into the new year strong, partially through expansion.

We’re looking to expand our staff as we make the transition with the new branding and add people to patch up any holes in how we ran things before and any weak point of our content. We already have a few additions lined up that we feel will greatly improve us and will be making more in the near future. If you’re interested in joining our team and feel you can make contributions to our brand we’ll be more than happy to hear you out and give you a shot. We’ll definitely be looking for more just strictly Sabres bloggers but really would like to improve our coverage in areas like analytics, Rochester Americans coverage, prospect coverage, and anything else even like social media contributors. If this is something you’re interested in stay posted for our blog about a formal recruitment process and feel free to send us a direct message on Twitter with anything else you’d like us to know about you.

That about wraps things up, if you have any feedback on ways we can improve or anything else you’d like to see us add we’re always willing to listen. Hopefully you enjoy our content and we’re looking forward to the future. -TCB Team

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