We Are Recruiting a News Blogger


As you can tell by this post, SabresFanatics will begin the recruiting process for an addition to our writing staff. We figured the best way to do this is through our website and the contact page and this post is to inform any candidate what to fill out. As far as filling out the form goes, head over to the contact section of the website and fill out your Name, Email, Website will not be necessary, and then begin your comment.

The reason for this addition is that we want to add another member who is strictly assigned to create new blog posts as news breaks and interesting information surrounding the Buffalo Sabres is released. We want to improve our communication with all staff and the acquisition will be added to the SabresFanatics group chat to have daily conversation with the rest of the staff and make sure everything runs smoothly. Although the main focus of this position is to be able to produce a well written, interesting article that gets the point across in a timely manner, we understand that people have lives and there’s going to be times you’re not available to write something up right away (which is perfectly fine). There is no revenue from our site and this is not a paid position so we want someone that will be dedicated to the growth of the brand and to provide high quality content for the SabresFanatics readers.

Here’s what we’re looking for in the person to take this role:

  • Can produce a well written blog post about information surrounding the Buffalo Sabres activity whether it be a trade, signing, players in an international tournament, news surrounding rookies (not a scouting report, but for example say Cliff Pu is named OHL MVP, write about that), injuries, and so on.
  • Prior writing experience is NOT necessary, but grammar and spelling should be at a high level. You don’t need a journalism degree to write a blog post about what’s happening with a hockey team. A strong writer with great knowledge of the subject takes priority and is what we are looking for.
  • Experience using WordPress would be preferred but not required (it’s pretty easy to pick up on).
  • You absolutely need to cite your sources if you’re creating a blog post about information you’ve seen somewhere else. We don’t need a works cited page for every piece of information, just make sure credit is given and a link to the original source is provided.
  • This position is NOT asked to produce post-game write ups but could be referred to if one of the others currently doing so are not available on a given night.
  • You MUST have high above average knowledge of the Buffalo Sabres and the NHL. We do not want someone trying to write about things they really know nothing about or are an average fan.
  • As stated before, we understand there will be times when a person won’t be available for a day or so when information is released and have higher priorities but a good work ethic is necessary.
  • You must have a good understanding of what information is worthy of a blog post and what is not, although the other members of SF will be at your dispose if you have any questions. If there is something a leader feels should be written about, you will be asked to do so.
  • When we say we want information written about in a timely manner, we don’t expect you to have an article up within 15 minutes of it happening, but if a high quality article could be posted within the day that would be perfect.
  • You must have good communication skills and have fluid conversation with the other members of SabresFanatics regularly. We want everyone on the same page and bouncing ideas off each other to create the best product possible and an environment where everyone is trying to be better and further the brand.
  • Some personality wouldn’t hurt. Although in most cases we don’t expect you to try and crack a joke about some pretty general stuff, you should be able to put your own spin on your posts and have your own style. We want you to have fun and be as creative as possible in this area.

So in terms of what to address in your comment section of your application:

  • Let us know why you wan’t this position and why we should choose you (cliche i know)
  • When did you become a Sabres fan and what triggered your interest in writing about them?
  • What other obligations will you be attending to in the near future? We’re not asking for your life story but are you a college student, working full time, unemployed, etc. We don’t need to know everything you’re up to because we can’t stress it enough we understand everyone has priorities that are probably ahead of writing for fun for a non profit website. We just want to know what kind of person you are and how you spend the rest of your day.
  • As stated, prior writing experience isn’t required but if you have done some writing in the past (specifically in sports) feel free to give us a link.

That about sums it off. We looked forward to reading everyone’s application and welcoming a new member to the SabresFanatics family. If you apply and don’t get it, don’t be discouraged. There will be plenty more opportunities in the future.

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