Hello! Welcome to the official website of the SabresFanatics. This will be the first post of many and everyone working on the Sabres side of things is very excited to finally launch this site.


Hello! Welcome to the official website of the SabresFanatics. This will be the first post of many and everyone working on the Sabres side of things is very excited to finally launch this site.

You may be familiar with BillsFanatics, that are very well known across social media and the Buffalo blog world. Essentially this is an extension on that brand and we will cover any and everything Buffalo Sabres. The SabresFanatics brand is already well established on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram but want to continue to grow on social media and through our own website.

The best way to join the conversation during games is through our Twitter account due to the fast and easy accessible conversation on the platform and our Twitter feed can be found on the side of the site. Short conversation and news updates will be mostly through our social media platforms and the link to those can be found here, so join the conversation:

Twitter: twitter.com/sabresfanatics

Facebook: www.facebook.com/sabresfanaticssf/

Instagram: instagram.com/sabresfanatics/

This Site

So now that what will be featured on social media is clarified, we move on to this website. In only a few months of existence, the SabresFanatics brand has already engaged with thousands of Buffalo Sabres and Hockey fans across the internet. The social media platforms are nice but all of us at SabresFanatics wanted more. We want to improve engagement and provide more and more Sabres content for our followers on a daily basis.

Each Menu:

HomeIn the “Home” menu you will find everything that is posted. If you just want to navigate different posts with no specific category, this is the place. Any major news or misc articles that don’t fall into a specific category will also be posted here.

Games: Here you will find specific game Previews and Reviews. Previews will be short blog posts previewing that day’s upcoming game. This will key in on things to watch for, previous match ups between these two teams, and a prediction for the game. After every game, whether it be the night of, or the day after, there will be a post game Review/Reaction. This will highlight any key moments that took place during the game. It will hit on where the team was good as well as where they could’ve been better and all around just be a high quality assessment of the game.

Prospects: Prospects are quite possibly the most interesting, yet most difficult part of a team to follow. If you’re just an avid follower of the team and don’t specifically go look for reports on the team’s youngins, it can be hard to know how the guys in the pipeline are doing. We have multiple people who devote a lot of time to keeping up with the Sabres’ prospects and will provide a weekly update on how those prospects did over the course of the last week.

Contact: This one is pretty self explanatory. If you’d like to get in contact with the people behind SabresFanatics in regards to feedback, business, etc; you can send us a message through this page or just use the email found at the bottom of the page.


What makes us different? In the sports blogging world, there’s not much variation from one blog to another strictly because posts in this class are facts and mostly summarizing something that has already occurred. Although we hold ourselves to these same standards, we want people to be engaged in this growing community whilst gaining knowledge on the team.

We want to be loose and easy to engage with because the sole reason we’re committing a lot of time and effort into this brand is for fun. Every single  contributor to this site and social media in reality is just passionate about the team, the fan-base, and the game. Each person is an intelligent hockey mind and wants to do everything they can to spread their knowledge and grow this community.

Final Thoughts 

This site, brand, and community are still very young and only going to improve. As experience is gained, every aspect of our brand will get better. We are very open to criticism, feedback, etc and you can contact us via the email below. We hope to see you all engaging and growing with us. Go Sabres!



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